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About Us

We are Anahi and Joe Drollman. We both live in the Wenatchee valley. We have three amazing children.

We both bring different yet complimentary ideas and perspectives to our projects which lets them reach their full potential. Joe is creative, possesses craftsman skills and I have the eye for design, style, décor and detail as your primary Interior Stylist.


A little bit more about me-

Since an early age, I always had a talent for spatial orientation. I would move my furniture in ways that made sense for good space flow. I always had an eye for where accessories should be placed and knew when to stop to prevent overcrowding. 

I never stop thinking about decorating and furniture placement.

One day in a conversation with a friend they mentioned that I had talent for decorating in a way that is inviting and maximized each space to its full potential. When I am not decorating I enjoy swimming, hanging out with my family, or going to the park and traveling.

We look forward to hearing from you, please call us for a quote on your new project. Were excited to work with you.

Contact us

I'm always looking for new and exciting home projects. Let's connect.

Mastermind Staging & Design LLC


 Phone: (509) 885-6350

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Serving Wenatchee and East Wenatchee
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