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Welcome Home Services
Designed for new homeowners.

Don't know how to maximize your new space to it's full potential? This service is designed to help you transition into your new home seamlessly.

Services include but not limited to:

  • Unpacking and organizing

  • Furniture placement

  • Wall art and accessories placement and hanging

  • Color selection services 

  • Closet, shelves, and cabinets set up & shelving styling


A home consultation is required to determine the scope of the work.


Fees: Quoted for project. 

Bathroom Shelves

Re-design Your Home 


Designed for homeowners looking to revive and redesign their home?


This service is designed to help you rearrange your current furniture pieces to best utilize in your home to suit your personal needs and and lifestyle or create with a new style.

Serviced projects:

Furniture, art, and accessories updates

Optimizing space and flow of home

Color & design consultation for fabric, wall and furniture selection

Requirements for this service:

  • This service requires an initial consultation to determine the scope of work.


Fees: Quoted for project. 

Bright Living Room
Livingroom Shelves

Personalized shopping

Need help décor shopping for your new home or new project?

This service is designed to help you create a budget-friendly and shop for those accessories that your home needs to maximize to its full potential. I am an expert in sourcing the best items at the most reasonable prices.

This service offers:

  • Shop with client at stores

  • Choosing items for each space

  • Shop in behalf of client

  • Fabric and color selection

Furniture style and size selection

What to expect with this service:

We will schedule a minimum of 2 hours or more depending on your project needs. This service will require a picture or in-person visit at your home to view the space you're want to re-style and we come up with a budget-friendly list of furnishing and accessories needed to be purchased. The list we provide will include name of the stores (at your preference for shopping including online or local) and price estimates of the whole project. After list is approved purchases will be made if desired. 


Would you like to have someone at the elbow to help you shop at the store of your preference to execute your new home interior re-design? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you on site and help you choose furniture, accessories, provide fabric and color design services.

Fees: Quoted hourly

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Serving Wenatchee and East Wenatchee
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