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Vacant Home Staging

Vacant home staging is designed for sellers who are no longer living in the home while on the market.

We offer a customized approach for each home to attract the targeted demographic while taking into consideration the style and assets of each house. We will recommend which room needs furnishing. 

Our inventory offers a variety furniture including wall art, area rugs, bedding, plants, lamps, linens, dishes, and other supplemental furnishing. For each project our goal is to stage in a way that's guaranteed to win potential buyers as soon as they lay eyes on your home.

Requirements for this service:

  • This service requires an initial consultation to determine the scope of work.

  • 72 hours advanced notice to remove our furnishings.


Initial Consultation Fee: $200

Staging Fees: will vary with size of home, number of rooms to be staged and scope of work required.

Interior Design
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Serving Wenatchee and East Wenatchee
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